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2020 Thursday Night Program- Season 1

The return of Thursday Night Softball begins this coming Thursday, January 30th. We have 4 teams in the Lower Division (players rated 10 and below) and 4 teams in the Upper Division (players rated 11 and above). This is a 5 week season with games at 6:45 & 7:45 or 8:45 & 9:45 PM. For Week 1 (January 30th) only, all games will be played at 6:45 & 7:45.


Game Schedule for Week 1 (January 30th):

  Time                            Field 1                                         Field 2

6:45 PM:       U1- Turquoise vs. U3- Orange     U2- Violet vs. U4- Green

7:45 PM:       U4- Green vs. U1- Turquoise       U3- Orange vs. U2- Violet

  Time                            Field 4                                         Field 5

6:45 PM:       L2- Indigo vs. L4- Red                  L1- Pink vs. L3- Yellow

7:45 PM:       L3- Yellow vs. L2- Indigo              L4- Red vs. L1- Pink

After party is at Matty's beginning after the 7:45 games. Matty's is offering drink specials all night long!!


Thank you to the managers for volunteering for Season 1:

Lower Division:                               Upper Division: 

Indigo- Alberto Castano                   Green- Ronnie Henderson

Red- Bernie Wisneski                       Orange- Thomas Meighan

Pink- Bob Thompson                       Turquoise- Randy Gage

Yellow- Dominick Concepcion          Purple- Chris Aleman

And thanks to our Thursday Night Program Director, Jon Sanchez!


And a special thank you to our generous Thursday Night sponsors:


SFAAA League Sponsor

SFAAA League Sponsor