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Hurricane Showdown

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The 28th Annual Hurricane Showdown will take place during Thanksgiving Weekend, Friday November 25th through Sunday November 27th with games played on all 3 days.

Are you interested in getting involved helping plan & put together the 2022 Hurricane Showdown Tournament? Come join the team and help us put together one of the best tournaments in the Sunniest Place on Earth! We are looking for help in every aspect of the Tournament: Field Coordinators, Sponsorship, Home Run Derby, Player Relations, and more!

If you have any questions, or would like to get involved, please contact me for help.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Showdown!

Ratings Information

All Players in C, D, & E Divisions MUST be NAGAAA Rated under the new ratings questions (Spring 2022). the Hurricane Showdown staff will verify player ratings based on what is in the NAGAAA Database. We will not allow anyone to play who does not have a NAGAAA rating in the database. There will be no exceptions!

Teams competing in the Upper Division are allowed no more than Three (3) Non-NAGAAA Rated Players. Please indicate such on your Rosters.

All Rosters will also be due by Friday, November 11th, 2022 to begin verification, you may also send these in advance of the due date.  

Please use the following link to submit your players: 

Player Submission Form

This will allow us to quickly verify. All rosters will be available on our "Teams" tab for reference once verified. Please work with your Member City to ensure your players are indicated appropriately in the NAGAAA Database by First and Last Name, Date of Birth, and current rating based on the most recently approved NAGAAA player ratings questionnaire (Spring 2022). 

Chris Aleman 2022 Hurricane Showdown

Chris Aleman 2022 Hurricane Showdown

Tournament Director

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