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Hall of Fame Inductees


We welcome and recognize these individuals who have made significant contributions to the South Florida Amateur Athletic Association. 

(click on an underlined name to view his portrait)

Honorary Members

Edward Charters 2015
David Aho (2008)
Dennis Manieri (2009)
George Wentzler (2012)
Georgie's Alibi (2012)
Jason McDonnold (2007)
John MacLardie (2008)
Juanita "Miss Nita" Helie (2008)
Michael Bell (2008)
Robert Tinker (2011)
Ronnie Piecko (2005)
Tony Leedy (2013)

1 - A League Founder

2 - A member of the NAGAAA Hall of Fame

3 - A member of the Big Apple Softball League Hall of Fame

4 - A member of the ASANA Hall of Fame